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Date:2011-9-27 21:55


The company is now shipping its new WebSphere Application Server in addition to a range of new features for businesses. 000-617 IBM has designed the new software to aid clients in accelerating the development and delivery of applications and services for mobile devices, cloud computing and social media.

IBM also notes record-breaking results for WebSphere middleware as validated by SPECjEnterprise 2010. The Services Innovation Lab is creating a research environment that leverages advances in services science, analytics and cloud computing to create innovation that matters for our clients anywhere in the world.

According to IBM 000-617 exam, SIL significantly expands the company’s nearly 10-year-old services research program by bringing together services, research, software developers and industry experts from around the company to focus initially on the creation of services software applications for cloud computing, analytics and mobility.

IBM said that researchers, developers and other technical experts who will participate in the SIL program bring an array of credentials, including development and client experience in computer science, software, security and compliance, systems management, mathematics and business optimization, data mining, storage, computer systems, user interaction and cognitive sciences.

The SIL will operate out of IBM 000-617 exam Research’s Labs worldwide, including New York, California, China, Israel, India, Japan, Switzerland and Brazil. The initial focus of the SIL projects includes cloud computing, advanced analytics, service delivery automation, enterprise mobilization and smarter planet.